Flitter Flutter Quilt... tester, Marina

A couple months back I put out a call for new quilt testers. A few reached out, but based on the timeline they couldn’t commit. Then, the day I sent out the quilt pattern files to the testers that agreed, Marina reached out to see if I still needed any testers. At first, I thought I have a good handful I don’t need anymore but then something told me to say yes. I’m glad I did because a couple of the testers fell out due to timing and other life events. 

When I first saw Marina’s fabric selection I was a little confused because she had selected so many fabrics, more than the Flitter Flutter quilt pattern called for, but the selection was so pretty, with a mix of solids and prints, that I couldn’t wait to see what she would create.

Marina's fabric selection

Then, I started thinking what if I add a pre-cuts version to the pattern? 

After a few hours of calculating I had figured out the pre-cuts fabric requirements and set off to add that new version to the Flitter Flutter quilt pattern booklet. 

Marina's Flitter Flutter Quilt Layout

Meanwhile, Marina took on being a quilt tester like a champ. I could definitely see her architectural background coming through, as it happened to be what I first majored in.

She spent time analyzing the Flitter Flutter quilt pattern so she could use fabric from her stash to make a scrappy rainbow ombre quilt. Similar to the way she loved drawing butterflies as a child.

Then, Marina had to be super scrappy savvy! She was only 2 pieces shy of having enough Kona snow fabric. So, in a few places where her pieces weren’t quite big enough she pieced together what scraps she had left from the snowballs and subcuts to get the desired size.

Marina said, "No Kona snow was left behind!".

Marina's Flitter Flutter Quilt Swirl
Marina's Flitter Flutter Quilt sneak peek
Marina's Flitter Flutter Quilt Closeup
Marina's Flitter Flutter Quilt in the wild
I believe Marina's scrappy rainbow Flitter Flutter quilt is a true masterpiece! She has a true gift of mixing and matching prints and solids together beautifully. Don’t you agree? If so, go give her a follow @ella_marina_quilting?
Marina holding her Flitter Flutter Quilt
Marina's Flitter Flutter Quilt

What version of the Flitter Flutter quilt are you going to make? I’d really like to see! Won’t you share with me @bykellyrenay and with #flitterflutterquilt?

Quilt and Images provided by Marina Trejo Bresnan

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