Flitter Flutter Quilt… the cover quilt

I’m so excited to introduce my newest quilt pattern, Flitter Flutter! As a newer quilt pattern writer Flitter Flutter challenged me, but I so enjoyed the challenge! Let me explain…

Back in October of 2020, I initially sketched out the butterfly design. At first they were very “pixel” like, but I wanted to soften them up a bit. So, I continued on with my sketches.

Flitter Flutter Quilt Concept Sketch
Once I was happy with the design concept, I moved onto fine tuning the construction. Based off of my sketch, the piecing included half-square triangles and snowballs but, I didn’t want this quilt pattern to involve any units that needed trimmed or squared-up. So, I analyzed, sketched, analyzed, sketched, and analyzed some more until I found the solution of using only snowball piecing.
Flitter Flutter Quilt Concept Sketch

Then came the flower! That sweet big center flower was yet another challenge, that at times kept me up at night. It was my first on point design! Figuring out it’s construction baffled me. I lost count of the many different versions it went through, from very complex to it’s simplest form. Those sleepless nights were so worth it, because I’m crazy about that flower design. I might even have more quilt patterns with them in the future!  

Now that you know a little back story on the making of the Flitter Flutter quilt pattern, lets get to the important and fun stuff!

The Flitter Flutter quilt pattern is broken up into three different sections, making it easy to construct this mirror like design. The quilt is traditional pieced, using some snowball piecing and large bias piecing on the center flower section. It doesn’t involve any squaring up of pieces. It is skilled for a confident beginner that feels comfortable with their 1/4” seam allowance skills.

The Flitter Flutter quilt pattern also offers two fabric requirement options, either the pre-cuts version or yardage version. These versions allow you to have fun picking out fabric you already have or going out and shopping for some new.

Here are the fabric requirements for the Flitter Flutter quilt pattern:

Flitter Flutter Quilt Fabric Requirements

When it came time for me to pick out fabric I already had a collection in mind, Stay Gold by Melody Miller of Ruby Star Society for Moda Fabrics. 

The butterfly moth pattern was screaming to be used. I just couldn’t decide between the pink or dark blue background. That’s when my mom said “you haven’t done a dark backgrounded quilt yet”. So, the dark blue butterfly moth fabric it was! Then, I looked at the other prints within the Stay Gold collection and narrowed it down to the pink and orange prints, as I didn’t want the butterfly and flower to have much contrast. 

Flitter Flutter Quilt fabric selection - stay gold by Ruby Star Society

These oversized butterflies might look complex to piece, but they do sew up in a breeze! I was able to complete this quilt top in about 14 hours. Mind you, I don’t consider myself a fast sewer. You might be faster or slower, either way that is superb, because all that matters is you are having fun sewing.

Flitter Flutter Quilt Pattern by Kelly RenayFlitter Flutter Quilt Pattern by Kelly RenayFlitter Flutter Quilt Pattern by Kelly Renay

I’m really looking forward to seeing your amazing Flitter Flutter quilt! Won’t you please share your process with #flitterflutterquilt and tag me @bykellyrenay? Happy Sewing!

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