Hoppy Bunnies Quilt

The Hoppy Bunnies Quilt Pattern is now available!

Hobby Bunnies Quilt Pattern

I'm thrilled to introduce the Hoppy Bunnies quilt pattern with you! One night about a month ago, inspiration struck so I grabbed my graph paper and sketched out these cute little bunnies. I'm sure you've guessed it by now, but if you haven't, these cute bunnies were inspired by those staple Easter marshmallow treats, better known as Peeps.

Tula Pink Solids Fabric Selection

I wanted to use colors that stayed close to the Peeps marshmallows, so I pulled some fat-quarters I had in my stash.

Hoppy Bunnies Quilt Fabric Pull

The Tula Pink solid fabrics; pear, persimmon, sweet pea, julep, putty and diva, I had selected went almost perfectly with an Alexander Henry floral fabric I just recently purchased, so that pretty Boardwalk Blossom floral was picked for the backing. 

Hoppy Bunnies Cut Pieces

The cutting out process went really fast, as one fat-quarter yields two bunnies. Once, cutting was done I was ready to start sewing. 

Hoppy Bunnies Quilt Close Up

The Hoppy Bunnies quilt pattern is traditional pieced and doesn't involve any squaring up of pieces. It is skilled for a beginner that feels confident with their 1/4" seam allowance skills.

These cute little bunnies sew up fast! I was able to complete this baby sized quilt in about 8 hours. I don't consider myself a fast sewer at all. Your time most likely will be different and that is perfectly alright, we all need to sew at out own pace, so please don't feel discouraged if you don't finish in the time frame I did.

Here are the fabric requirements for the Hoppy Bunnies quilt pattern:

Hoppy Bunnies Quilt Requirements

I can't wait to see your Hoppy Bunnies quilt! Please share with #hoppybunniesquilt and tag me @bykellyrenay. Happy Sewing!

Hobby Bunnies Quilt
Hoppy Bunnies Quilt
Hoppy Bunnies Quilt
Hoppy Bunnies Quilt

The Hoppy Bunnies Quilt Pattern is now available!

PDF Pattern

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