Nanette Quilt... the cover quilt

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Nanette Quilt

I'm happy to share with you today, my newest pattern, the Nanette quilt! This pattern was designed in honor of my grandmother, Grandnan. She was the awesome lady that introduced my mom and I to the quilting world a few decades ago. Sadly, she passed a few years ago.

After her passing is when I became obsessed with quilting. It all started in mid 2017 when, my mom wanted to finish a quilt we started making with Grandnan when I was an adolescent. While my mom finished that quilt, I started sketching out designs on graph paper and soon was making my first quilt from my own design. I know what you’re thinking! Is she nuts! You are probably right, I might be a little crazy and ambitious! But I went for it and if I say so myself it turned out fantastic. Here’s a little peek at that quilt... maybe one of these days I'll write a pattern for it. 

Backyard Meadow Quilt

Anywho, back to the Nanette quilt!

Although, I don't remember Grandnan ever making a quilt herself, she did enjoy sewing and made clothes and smaller projects. One thing is for sure, she shared with me her love for fabric and hoarding all we could stash away. She always went for greens and blues, as I went for anything rainbow and brightly colored. She taught me some of the basics of sewing and to not be afraid to try new things.

So today, I honor her and my cherished memories of our trips to a local quilt shop, Seventh Heaven, (sadly it’s no longer open) and also going to different quilt shows around our area; gathering up all the pretty fabrics and taking in all the lovely quilts.

I hope you enjoy this Nanette quilt pattern as much as I do! It's simple but striking,  just like my grandmother was.

Nanette Quilt Close Up
Here's a lovely picture of my grandmother, Grandnan, that my grandfather took many years ago.
My Grandmother, Grandnan

When I saw this fabric a few months ago, I just knew it was going to be used for the backing. Grandnan's favorite color was green and she loved butterflies, so this fabric was perfect. I wasn't sure about which colors to use on the front. I had to wait until I received the fabric to make that decision. I was surprised when it arrived that I had this cute little bee fabric in my stash that matched the pale green perfectly. Insert little happy dance!

Nanette Quilt Backing Fabric

Then I grabbed my Kona solids swatches and started making selections. At first, I had all shades of blue, because she also liked blues and chambray but it wasn't emphasizing the different elements of the quilt enough. So, I paired together this pretty sage green and mid tone blue. Then, came the decision of a pale blue or blush pink. Grandnan was not a big fan of pink, other than on flowers and lipstick. But, I love pink! I had to add a little me to the quilt, plus that addition of a warm tone really makes the green pop.

Kona Solid Swatches Kona Solid Swatches


Here's a list of the fabrics I used on this quilt. They are all Kona solids, except for the cute little bees and cute butterflies.

  • Primary - Hyacinth
  • Secondary - Sage
  • Accent - Peony
  • Background - New Dawn: Bee in Cream by Citrus and Mint for Riley Blake Designs
  • Binding - Hyacinth
  • Backing - Perennial: Monarch in Green by Cassidy Demkov for Cloud 9 
Nanette Cover Quilt Fabric Selection
Here's a look at the fabric requirements and the seven different size options available for this pattern.
Nanette Quilt Fabric Requirements and Sizes
The Nanette quilt pattern is rated for an "Advanced Beginner". Although all the pieces are square and rectangular, I felt it was a little more challenging, but not too difficult if you feel confident with your 1/4" seam allowance. Parts of the instructions include strip piecing, which makes piecing a breeze.
Nanette Quilt
Nanette Quilt
Nanette Quilt
Nanette Quilt
Nanette Quilt

P.S. My Aunt got excited when she saw the quilt name, because her middle name is Nanette. Although, the quilt is in honor of my grandmother, Jimmie Nan, better know as Nan and Grandnan. I liked the name, Nanette better for my pattern. I guess since my Aunt, likes butterflies and quilting too, she can have the honor of the quilt being named after her also.


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PDF Pattern or Paper Pattern

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