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Oh the Possibilities... a sewing machine quilt pattern

When I first read about the Tula Pink Homemade Challenge by FreeSpirit fabrics, I instantly knew what I wanted to design. I sat down with a piece of scrap paper one night right before bed time and sketched out an oversized sewing machine, based off of Tula Pink’s drawing on the “Pedal to the Metal” fabric. Within 15 minutes it was taking shape. A few alterations where needed, but I was so pleased with the sketch, I quickly jumped onto the computer. Bedtime had to wait! I hopped onto illustrator and began fine tuning my sketch. Within the hour I had designed my quilt top. Some adjustments came later on to fine tune the piecing, but the bones were in place. 

Tula Pink Homemade Fabric Swatches

Next, came the fun part of picking out Tula Pink’s Homemade fabrics, for the right placement within the sewing machine quilt. There was something about the “Busy Fingers” fabric, that really got my attention, so I knew it needed to be one of the main prints. Then, I choose my favorite color way, which was “Morning”. Those bright pinks and lime greens, plus orange accents, stole my heart. But I needed a little more contrast so I pulled a few select fabrics from the “Noon” and “Night” color ways too. My goal was to try and balance the colors, so nothing felt too dominate. Once I was happy with the fabric placement, I began figuring out the quilt pattern itself. 

Tula Pink Busy Fingers Fabric

First up, how much yardage do I need to purchase? My local quilt shop, Sew Special Quilts, had just received their shipment, and I knew I needed to get there soon, before it sold out!

Tula Pink Homemade Fabric Collection

Once, I had the fabric in my hands I couldn’t wait to start cutting out the pieces, but I hadn’t put together the cutting list yet. When it came time to trim out the pieces, it did take sometime, as I had chosen two directional fabrics for the main parts. I had to be patient as I figured out all the directional cuts, so don’t be alarmed if cutting out this quilt feels like it takes forever. Once you sit down to sew, it pieces together rather quickly. I finished this quilt top within 10 hours and I’m not a fast sewer. I like taking my time pinning and pressing seams. Plus, did I mention I sew on a Singer Featherweight, named Kasey.

Singer Featherweight 221K

After the quilt top was complete, it was time to have it quilted. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but I knew I wanted it custom quilted. The lady I had used in the past was no longer offering long-arm services, so off to the internet I went searching for someone else, hopefully local. I came across a lady not to far away, so I reached out. Within minutes she replied that she would love to quilt it for me. I was thrilled! One afternoon, my parents and I went on an hour drive to drop off the quilt top. She was so welcoming and suggested some lovely designs, so I felt I was leaving it in good hands.

sadly I didn't take any nice pictures of the quilt at this stage

A few weeks had passed and it was time to pickup. Upon first sight I was blown away by Joanna’s freehand and ruler work. It was beyond beautiful! I couldn’t wait to submit it into the Homemade challenge. I patiently waited for a few months, as the jury decided on their top twelve quilts. Although, my quilt didn’t make the list, I still had a blast designing and making this quilt, it lead me to writing a pattern so you too can have an oversized sewing machine quilt.

Oh the Possibilities Quilt - Tula Pink Fabric - Homemade Collection

some pretty closeups of the quilting

Oh the Possibilities Quilt - Quilting Closeup

Oh the Possibilities Quilt - Quilting Closeup

Oh the Possibilities Quilt - Quilting Closeup

Oh the Possibilities Quilt - Quilting Closeup

fun outtake picture of my dad being silly while helping hold up the quilt

Oh the Possibilities Quilt - My Dad being silly

The Oh The Possibilities quilt pattern releases in two short days, January 27th.


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  • Brenda Keene

    Your sewing machine quilt was beautiful. You are very talented and I hope you continue to design quilts. Tulla’s fabric is so fun to work with. I love the colors she uses

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