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Using pattern testers is a new experience for me. As a trained graphic designer, I understand the print and coding world, but fabric was a different story. Last year, I had no idea there was such a thing as a pattern tester, proof reader or a tech editor. Thankfully some local quilt shop ladies pointed me in the right direction. I began immersing myself into learning as much as I could about the quilting world. I’m sure there is much more for me to learn. After going through the experience. I now see the value in having pattern testers. They are a true blessing at finding the tiniest of details, you might of overlooked, from catching typos to math errors. Plus, as an added bonus with their feedback and advice on the quilt, it’s enjoyable seeing the different fabric choices come to life. I couldn’t be more pleased with the testers, for the Oh the Possibilities Quilt. So, let’s celebrate them by taking a look at their awesome work!

Andrea made this quilt, all the way from Argentina. I love her color choices and understand it was hard for her to find 100% cotton fabric. As a beginner quilter, she is doing a wonderful job! I love how vivid and festive her quilt top is.

Oh the Possibilities Tester Quilt by Andrea
Courtney made a beautiful version using simplistic printed quilting cotton fabrics. I really enjoy how the large button says "hello".
Oh the Possibilities Quilt Tester - Courtney 
Margaret was a true blessing. She went above and beyond with her tester feedback. I really enjoy how earthy and bold her quilt top turned out.
Oh the Possibilities Quilt Tester - Margaret
Stephanie made a nice version using Tula Pink's mineral and fairy flakes fabrics.
Oh the Possibilities Quilt Tester - Stephanie 
Amanda did a fantastic job using Ruby Star Societies, Speckled fabrics. I love how the metallic citron pops with the backdrop. Plus, her fun zig-zag quilting!
Oh the Possibilities Quilt Tester - Amanda 
Diane really liked an alternative color way, I had posted on Instagram. I'm so happy she did. I am absolutely crazy over this blue monochromatic quilt top!
Oh the Possibilities Quilt Tester - Diane 
Wendy did a spectacular job! I really enjoy how the teal sewing machine makes the blue pop in Tula Pink's Fairy Dust fabric used for the background.
Oh the Possibilities Quilt Tester - Wendy
Lauren took a darker background approach and it is wonderful. The dark purple is a nice contrast next to Tula Pink's pom poms fabric, in peony. Plus, I'm still crazy about Tula Pink's busy fingers fabric, from her Homemade Collection. 
oh the possibilities quilt tester - Lauren  
Kristin made a fantastic use of this floral, by pulling out colors to make it sing.
Oh the Possibilities Quilt Tester - Kristin
Mary Heather used a fun choice of reproduction 30's fabrics. Wouldn't it be cute in a Bed and Breakfast cottage laid out on an antique iron bed?
oh the possibilities quilt tester - Mary Heather 
Erin made this wonderfully sweet and feminine quilt top. Isn't the tiny floral and powder blue a nice pairing?
oh the possibilities quilt tester - Erin
Ursula used Moda Grunge fabric. The contrast between the orange and aqua has such a nice autumn feel. Plus, isn't her quilting lovely. Those alternating line widths is superb!
Oh the Possibilities Quilt Tester - Ursula
Sumaiya went metallic and played up the different element be adding in a few additional color pops.
Oh The Possibilities Quilt Tester - Sumaiya


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